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How to select the truss for stages?

Key word:stage frame,stage construction

People attach great importance to the installation and application of trusses when building the stage. The stage construction not only needs to achieve the aesthetic effect, but also needs to meet the use needs of the stage, so we should pay attention to the selection of stage frame in the process. At present, there are many materials used in stage construction work, and the classification is also very detailed, so many users will have questions when selecting, what kind of stage frame is more reliable and durable.
In order to prolong the service life of the truss and reduce the application cost, many places will choose the stage frame with lighter texture for installation. Such stage frame is very convenient in the use process. It does not need complex process or too much manpower to achieve the fixed installation effect during the fixed installation. In addition, it also needs to choose the stage frame with more beautiful appearance, so that it can be installed After that, it can achieve better decoration effect and meet the installation and use requirements of the stage, so people will pay attention to these problems in the process of selecting stage frame.