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Stage and Lighting for Royal Palagon Exhibition Hall

Key word:truss

The best concerts don't just have the best performances. In Thailand Raptor group concert, excellent production is also important. Apostrophy's, a Bangkok based multi-disciplinary design company, led other companies to design the stage and lighting for the Royal palagon exhibition hall in Bangkok, Thailand.

The huge polygonal steel structure gathered above the auditorium, leaving a deep first impression. Its shape comes from a three-dimensional model based on the giant dinosaur claw, which means the Raptor combination is back on the stage of entertainment fans. In fact, it is not only a kind of decoration, but also improves the following performance space, rendering the passion and vitality of the performance to the audience as much as possible.

A total of ten 9-meter-high symmetrical steel structures are suspended from the ceiling. Each structure is accurately calculated and its form and position are designed by physical model. In addition, the "dinosaur Giant Claw" structure is well designed, and the visual effect is adjusted according to the real stage scene. In addition, its structure is also flexible and changeable, which can create a series of different scenes.