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The purpose of the quarantine tent

Key word:anti-epidemic vehicle inspecti

In the past few days, anti-epidemic checkpoints around the country have increased rapidly. There are front-line staff on duty at high-speed intersections, national highways, provincial roads, village roads, company entrances, etc. to check vehicles and personnel. The continuous thunderstorms in the past week have brought great challenges to the epidemic prevention inspection for Wuxi's traffic police and duty staff.
At critical moments, Wuxi toll stations were provided with vehicle anti-epidemic vehicle inspection tents. These high-strength aluminum alloy brackets made by Syxtent have anti-epidemic vehicle inspection tents that are generally incapable of weather and rain resistance. They can withstand all kinds of rain and snow And bad weather such as low temperature, in this windy and rainy weather, it can provide a better working environment for the staff and also make the epidemic prevention and inspection work more smoothly.