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How long is the service life of the hotel's outdoor tent?

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As a semi-permanent building, the outdoor tent of the hotel is not as long as the permanent construction of reinforced concrete in terms of service life, but compared with the general camping tent, the service life is not simply several years longer. How many years can the tent hotel be used outdoors?Let Shengyixin Tent Company give you detailed instructions.
Most of the family portable tents are made of PU fabrics. This kind of fabrics cannot be stored under high temperature and high humidity conditions, can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, and the outdoor tents of the hotel cannot be wiped vigorously with chemical agents, otherwise it will damage the waterproof material.

The Syxtent tarpaulin material adopts patented pre-stretching technology, which makes the tarpaulin safe and non-stretchable, and even the heavy rain will not cause water accumulation on the roof of the tent. Inside, the colorful tents are always as bright as new, and the outdoor tents of the hotel have a life expectancy of at least 5 years even if they are placed outdoors all year round.
When the outdoor tents of the whole hotel are correctly fixed, the roofs are all waterproof materials to ensure outdoor safe use. Zhengde tents have a safe counterweight operation to ensure user safety. Excellent fire and waterproof performance, cold and heat insulation, can withstand snow load, any terrain can be built!