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Why choose aluminum tent

Key word:aluminum tent; outdoor; syxten

It has been nearly 20 years since aluminum alloy tent products were introduced to China in the early 21st century. In foreign countries, tents are all assembled from aluminum alloy frames. However, after entering the country, some companies chose steel and aluminum profiles, and some companies still followed the aluminum alloy frame material. In fact, these two materials are relatively close, but there is still a big difference. Here, the editor will give you a good talk about the characteristics of aluminum alloy profiles and the characteristics of steel and aluminum materials:
1. Profile composition: Aluminum alloy profile is an alloy formed by adding rare metals such as magnesium and silicon to metal aluminum. It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and beautiful appearance. The steel-aluminum profile is a kind of profile that combines the aluminum profile and the steel profile.
2. Anti-oxidation function: There is an oxide layer on the surface of aluminum alloy profile, which can achieve super anti-oxidation; steel and aluminum alloy are two kinds of metal splicing, which will rust seriously after 1-2 years.
3. Transportation cost: All aluminum alloy profiles are made of aluminum alloy materials, which are light in texture, convenient for transportation and construction, and low transportation cost; because most of the steel-aluminum structure is steel, the weight is heavier, which is not conducive to construction, and the cost is also high.