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Banquet Tent The "third half" of the game

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Before and after the home game, your football game VIPs all want to receive a banquet. If the demand for VIP seats exceeds demand, we will ask: Can we provide more?
The syx tent located on the edge of the stadium is a convenient and quick solution to the problem of the VIP area of ​​the main stand. Your guests need not give up the comfort they are used to, just immerse themselves in an educated atmosphere.
The high-quality single-story or two-story banquet tents from syx, independent of any infrastructure, have a glass curtain wall facing the stadium, with balconies and terraces, which can directly hit the world’s vision from any angle Pursue the highest game. And you can reach the stadium directly without going through any walkways.
Our solution is a combination of long-term temporary buildings and banquet tents. This solution allows discerning guests to enjoy special hospitality throughout the football season or during stadium reconstruction. We can also provide mobile product rental for temporary events held around the stadium.