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Take you to make a distinction about tents

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In outdoor activities, and tents awning room often be used, it is easy to both the concept of confusion, actually there is a difference between and tents awning room.Below by SHENGYIXIN TENT to teach people how to distinguish between them.
1, the purpose is differentAwning room, also called huts, exhibition tent. It is a movable temporary outdoor buildings, awning room because v. flexible, portable storage, is called "flow" property ". It is widely used in industrial warehousing, logistics, exhibition, sports, outdoor wedding, celebration, military and disaster relief, and other temporary activities. Is limited and tents, commonly used as a shade shelter, temporary housing, camping, simple booths, etc., life is short, specifications.
2, the structure of the material is differentTent is stay on the ground for shelter, sunlight and temporary living shed, mostly made from canvas, you can go anywhere down down with stent. Tent is adopted for the parts, assembly to the scene, so you need to use a lot of parts and tools.Awning room of the main structure is made up of framework and analysis of two parts, Gao Shanpeng room USES is 6061 / air T6 aluminum alloy profiles, beautiful rust, solid and durable, long service life; Tarpaulin with double-sided knife PVC coating synthetic fiber cloth, the tent with fire retardant, tensile and tearing resistance, waterproof sunscreen and self-cleaning properties. And can be flexible to expand its activities space, have stronger ductility; And the size of the tent is fixed, it does not have such function.