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How is the stage truss price list calculated?

Category:Truss NewsDate:2019-01-20
      Aluminum alloy stage and aluminum alloy truss are the stage accessories commonly used in stage construction. Stage truss users will ask, how does the stage truss calculate the price? Because stage truss users will adjust the budget price of their stage builds based on the stage truss price.
The aluminum alloy stage price list:
      The main components of the aluminum alloy stage are aluminum alloy frames and stage plates.The aluminum alloy stage price list depends first on the size of the area where the event stage is built, and then what the unit price per square is. This is based on the unit price multiplied by the total area, which is the total price of the aluminum alloy stage.
The aluminum alloy truss  price list:
      Aluminum trusses are generally calculated in meters. Aluminum trusses are used to build different styles of light frames, and aluminum trusses with different meters are used. At the same time, aluminum trusses of different specifications are also used. The price of aluminum trusses of different specifications will vary from meter to meter. The price of an aluminum truss is the unit price multiplied by the total number of meters.
      The total price of the stage truss is the price of the stage plus the price of the truss.